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Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay offers numerous portrait packages designed specifically to cater to whatever it is you as the owner and your pet are most comfortable with. From the downtown streets, to beaches, trails and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on unique locations and large digital image sets to be chosen from. Tampa Bay, Florida has many beautiful locations offered that are free to us! 

Your dog's happiness and comfortability is my number one priority. Our engaging and fun sessions are sure to make you and your dog tired and accomplished. With my training knowledge, I can always put your pup to work and make them have fun doing it! I give them an incredible amount of perfect stimulation to keep their busy minds working. 

Reading the room of the session will be the fist step in determining how we'll tackle photos. Some dog's are fearful of the camera and I take plenty of time allowing them to interact with my gear to become one with me so we can move in a fluid motion together. There are some dog's though that just aren't comfortable with a camera in their face! That is not to be a worry at all. I carry a wide array of lenses with me for each shoot and have a couple zoom ones that allow me to step back from your dog if they thrive more off of personal space. 

Whatever it is you and your dog need, I can accommodate!

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