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the joys of pet photography.

Let's Start At The Very Beginning 

You've filled out your contact form and are very excited to make the leap into trusting Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay with your beloved dogs. Your journey has begun. 

I always reply promptly when possible and talk about your dog, excited at all the special quirks you've told me about them. They are each a unique individual and I take the ample time to get to know them through you before our meeting. It doesn't stop with just knowing your fur baby though. I want to know about you, what you're looking for from the session and what your expectations are. This way I can properly prepare to give you and your dog the best photo experience possible. 

Our First Interaction

By the time of our photoshoot, I will know about you and your dog. To your dog though, I am still a stranger and they may be cautious of me. I take plenty of time allowing our star to check me out, check out my gear, and be given lots of treats and praise. I want them to associate me and the click of the shutter only with good feelings and thoughts. This is a fun time for all of us. 

We will walk, chat, and I'll get to know their personality in person so I can know what the best way to photograph them will be. 

It Can Be Scary

Not only am I a new person coming into your space, but we are often times at a place your dog has not visited before. This can obviously be a bit of a shock to some dogs and is something that often expressed by owners in their contact form. Although my communication with you will have eased your worrying, your dog will not know where we are or what is going on. That is why I always make sure to go for a walk and allow your dog to take their time getting comfortable in their surroundings. We take it as sow as needed for maximumpotential.

Backing them up I use positive reinforcement to give them a good feeling about this new environment and all the beauty it has to offer. 

Playing It Safe

When our first exploration happens, I always hook your dog up to a long lead. Safety comes first in any and all situations. Even if your dog is off leash trained, I want to make sure everyone is safe in any location. A lot of the places Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay photographs in are not leash-free zones. I will make sure to remove any leash desired in post processing. This way we can keep safety as our number one priority. 

Let's Have Some Fun

After we've taken the all important portrait shots, it's time to have some fun! This means running jumping and playing. Whether it be on the trail, in the park, in a stream, or at the beach, Tampa Bay has a wide variety of locations to choose from that offer so many different looks for photographs. We will allow your dog to be a dog and do what they love the most! 

Meg & Bolt

"He was never being forced or worked, we worked around him! The overall experience was incredible.
The photos will be hung in our house and treasured forever."

Julie & Akitas

Our experience with Alexandra and Drew was beyond amazing and we got 2 wonderful photographers for this photoshoot. booking via email was very easy, Alexandra confirmed very quickly and gave us full details of the process as well as some helpful advice."

Katherine & Falcor

And the water shots - above and beyond. She waded in, camera in hand, and got the most amazing photos. She was responsive and easy to work with, and made this a fun afternoon for us.
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