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the joys of pet photography.

Let's Start At The Very Beginning 

You've filled out your contact form and are very excited to make the leap into trusting Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay with your beloved dogs. Your journey has begun. 

I always reply promptly when possible and talk about your dog, excited at all the special quirks you've told me about them. They are each a unique individual and I take the ample time to get to know them through you before our meeting. It doesn't stop with just knowing your fur baby though. I want to know about you, what you're looking for from the session and what your expectations are. This way I can properly prepare to give you and your dog the best photo experience possible. 

Discovery Call

Almost every photoshoot will start with a discovery call (unless specified otherwise). I want to get to know you and your dog. This photoshoot isn't all about them, you're just as important of a part in their lives as you are in theirs. 

I'm very thorough and we make sure to go over all the questions and comments you might have about the shoot. We discuss possible locations and where your dog is the most comfortable as well as yourself. This is meant to be a fun and pleasurable experience for all of you. It is my job to make sure I know all there is to know about you and your dog to make the experience easy and smooth.

The Shoot

There's a lot that goes into the prep of a photoshoot, but nothing is more important than me getting to know your dog in the first interaction. Some dogs are reactive, some nervous and many take time to warm up to a stranger. I will always advocate for your dog and their needs. We take our time getting to know one another before we start shooting. This includes getting them comfy with the camera and my presence. Throughout the shoot I'll get to know you and your dog even more so we have the best time ever!

I use positive reinforcement to give them a good feeling about this new environment and all the beauty it has to offer. 

Playing It Safe

When our first exploration happens, I always hook your dog up to a long lead. Safety comes first in any and all situations. Even if your dog is off leash trained, I want to make sure everyone is safe in any location. A lot of the places Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay photographs in are not leash-free zones. I will make sure to remove any leash desired in post processing. This way we can keep safety as our number one priority. 


After The Shoot

We have just created memories to last a lifetime. The shoot went so wonderfully and now it's time for the next step! Within 3 days you will receive a proof set. There is a choice to purchase digitals or photo gifts. We will discuss options and go over your choices. Each package offers a different number of images and I always make sure to photograph a wide variety so you have plenty to choose from. 

I take a lot of pride in my work and make sure to give your final sets the care and attention they deserve. A proof gallery is sent to you where we can discuss options via zoom, in person, or phone call for your photo gifts. The most popular photo gift is an album or box set of images.

Nicole M.

This photoshoot was everything for us, Alex was AMAZING! We wanted a senior photo shoot and a few action shots of our pups together. Alex took the time to get to know both our dogs and made it so much fun for all of us!

Nicole R.

Working with Alex was an absolute pleasure throughout. Harper and I had so much fun during the shoot, would do it again in a heartbeat!

Kelsey & Bowie

She jumped on a call with me right away and wanted to know everything about me and Bowie (my baby boy).
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