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frequently asked questions

  • My dog can't be off leash.
    This is not a worry in the slightest. For every photoshoot, I make sure to have a 10 foot long lead with me that can be easily edited out of photos to insure the safety of all parties involved.
  • My dog won't sit still.
    I have a strong foundation in action photography. Through the years I have learned it only takes a fraction of a second to capture that one stunning shot, or what I call the "Money Shot."
  • Do you provide RAW files?
    All the files I provide are fully edited and retouched. The RAW files are kept for myself.
  • My dog is not friendly with other people or dogs.
    This can be a big concern when choosing to invest in pet photography. I assure you though that this is nothing to worry about. I take the highest priority in finding places to shoot upon request where we will encounter very few, if any people or dogs.
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