For The Love of Dogs

It's not "Just" a photo, it's a memory, it's an investment. One that will be cherished for countless years to come. 


Why Choose Pet Photography?

Through the years, dogs' have been considered man and women's best friend. We love our dogs and for a lot of us, they ARE our kids. Everyone loves photos of their kids. I aim to capture that love in every photo taken. There's no limit to the beauty that can be created. 


"Alex is absolutely awesome! She is super talented, has an amazing eye for stunning shots, soooo easy to work with, and we absolutely love her! My brother, Zeik and I are booking a session with her soon and can't wait!"

— Tu.Lai.Li


"Alex is wonderful! She is super friendly and takes THE BEST photos of your pets! Had our first session with her today and she was so fun and my dog loved her. If you're looking for a pet photographer, she's your girl!

— Samantha



Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay is a professional pet photography business based out of beautiful sunny Florida. The company specializes in Portrait, Family, Senior, and Watch Me Grow programs. There are also packages to within these programs to choose from that best suit each and everyone's needs. 









About Me

I love dogs that love to be dogs.

Growing up in Bangor, Maine, I never thought I'd turn into a pet photographer. I didn't even know they existed until around 2019. From my humble beginnings as an equine photographer, I started to build my portfolio and dabble in all different types of photography. I started photographing around the age of 12 and never looked back. First starting off with the Canon Rebel XSI and upgrading as the years progressed. I could never have imagined where it would lead me, but I'm so glad this is where I've wound up. At the start of high school I moved to Florida and this is where I've remained since. My business started in 2020 when I bought the canon 5d mk iv and I never looked back. I love photography, and want to share that love with you. 

The dog pictured here is Aria, she's my heart dog and was what motivated me to start taking pictures of dogs. We enjoy hiking, fishing, and all other forms of traveling!


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