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        As the years pass, dogs are no longer considered just pets. Now they are more or less our fur children. We love to celebrate our children right? I mean everyone does. This includes getting pictures taken of them! In our personalized pet photoshoot we laugh, play, relax, and get to know each other. There are many different aspects that go into a photoshoot. I pride myself in the ability to make dogs comfortable in every situation. Patience is key when working with dogs and I always keep a calm demeanor, allowing them to do what they do, be dogs! We don't want to force anything, our photoshoot should be fun, laid-back, and light-hearted. 

        My goal of the specialized shoot is to capture what I call the "Money Shot". That one picture that make's everything worthwhile. The picture you'll want to get printed to mount on your wall. The picture that you'll cherish for your entire lifetime. It's a blessing to capture that shot. I always give people sneak peaks from my camera and follow up through the editing process showing you some of the behind the scenes action of my workflow and how I remove leashes and other distractions from the photos. I pride myself on the continuation of our relationship even after the shoot has finished. I want to shows reliability and passion for the work I attribute to each photo. 

      There are many different packages  tailored to fit everyone's needs. No one is the same, no dog is the same. I want to accentuate your pups' uniqueness and personality. My packages range from a Watch Me Grow program to a Senior, or End of Life session. Everyone is different and we always have a consultation call in the beginning to get to know each other so that I can answer any possible questions that you may have.

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Watch Me Grow

End of Life / Senior

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"Alex is absolutely awesome! She is super talented, has an amazing eye for stunning shots, soooo easy to work with, and we absolutely love her! My brother, Zeik and I are booking a session with her soon and can't wait!"



"Alex is wonderful! She is super friendly and takes THE BEST photos of your pets! Had our first session with her today and she was so fun and my dog loved her. If you're looking for a pet photographer, she's your girl!

Sam Rodriguez

We look foreword to hearing from you 

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