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Is Your Dog Ready For Their Closeup?

It's not simply another photo, because they're not just another dog. They are our babies, our fur children, and our best friends. Here at Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay, we keep your pups best interest at heart, we aim to capture them in every unique way they are. 

Every dog has a special personality that we spend hours photographing and videoing with our phones. This is your chance for a new perspective of your same best friend. View your dog through my lens and all the beauty that they radiate. 

Whether you have a puppy, adult dog, or senior, now is the best time to capture their individuality in beautiful images to last a lifetime. Images worthy of hanging on every wall in your home. Preserve your dog's legacy in stunning wall art and photo gifts such as albums and folio boxes. 

Are you ready to make the best investment you never knew you needed? Take a look at the different packages I offer.
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History with dogs.

I pride myself in my fundamental knowledge of dog behavior. Having worked very closely with trainers for numerous years I can comfortably and confidently handle any dog that is placed in front of my camera. 

Not only this but I have 15+ years experience in the equine training world giving me an even wider array of knowledge.

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"Alex was phenomenal to work with. She thought of everything, captured the vibe that I wanted, truly showed her talent as an artist in photographing my 2 dogs. I knew that I would love the end result of a photo shoot, but I never anticipated I would love the experience so much. Truly a memorable, heartwarming and fun experience for everyone."



The memories we will make together last a lifetime. A thousand and one ways to say "I Love You" to your dog.
To learn more about the experience we will offer you, click below. 
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