My Photography, A Short History.

From the streets of NOLA, to the cliffs of Maine. I've dabbled in just about every type of photography there is. This also includes 35mm black and white film photography! At 12, on my Moms camera, I played around with portraits and took some (not so good) equine photos at the barn I was riding at. It was a slow start and I had NO clue what photography rules were. I only ever took one photography and editing class in High School, learning most everything I know through trial and error as well as the internet and following some of my favorite photographers.


When 16 rolled around, I had a horse and when I was gifted my camera, started taking pictures of him. This was when Instagram was a new app and I decided to give it a go. That account was named Through my years of owning him up until he passed away from colic in 2016, I gained a loyal following and at the peak of the account, had 106k followers! It was crazy, being recognized going places, especially horse shows! But I was just a kid, and didn't make a career out of it. I was definitely interested, but didn't know where to start, how to start, or if I'd ever be good enough to make my way into the photography scene.


Through my late teens and early twenties, I took photos of just about everything, constantly changing my niche and what I wanted to do. I still was ignorant about the rules and didn't have interest in much research. Like I said, most of what I know has been through trial and error as well as studying other photographers' work. The years passed, and I started to understand what I was and wasn't good at. People photography? Not so much. Animals? Hell yeah! As well as architecture and landscape, but the niche for that is very particular and competative, something that I haven't had the interest in competing in.


At 23, I found out how good I was at photographing dogs, but not only photographing them, also working with them and understanding them. I can't call myself a dog whisperer, but I definitely have an affinity towards getting along with them. If I wished, I could probably be a trainer. That though is also not on my immediate list of to-do's, helpful as it is. With this I also have a greater level of patience for dogs, which makes working with them better in my opinion, because I don't get flustered so easily. That's a story for another day though!


Here are some of my favorite photographs taken throughout the years and my travels. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

As the years have passed, I have learned about photography rules and in future posts I will share with you my knowledge that has stepped my photography up to the next level, so hopefully it can for you to!

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