Something that takes a great deal of practice, is staying consistent. This is something I’ve struggled a lot with, in creating my habits and business.

I get bored, or don’t see the result I want fast enough. Here’s the kicker, good things don’t happen overnight. You must remain consistent to achieve your goals. Just like I said about the formation of habits, it takes roughly 66 days to create one.

But even after that creation, you still MUST remain consistent when completing those tasks. It’s hard, and requires a lot of self discipline which is something I always used to lack.

With business, the same is true. You must be consistent in your business and your mission statement. Always doing things that will help you achieve your goal, never straying far from the tasks at hand.

When I was just starting out, it took a lot of trial and error to find my path. A lot of inconsistency and struggle. Changing my overall goal at LEAST once a month. As I’ve grown up personally and in my business, I’ve learned to remain more consistent to my mission statement and what I want/where I want to be in the future.

Again, none of this happens overnight, and I still have to push hard even though I’m not seeing the ultimate results I want to. The harder I push though and more consistent I stay, the faster I’ve been rewarded in my goal and plans.

What is something you have had trouble with in the past in terms of consistency?

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