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For The Love of Dogs

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Passion,  Patience,  Precision. 

timeless memories


The love I have for dogs shines in my work. This is who I am. 



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At the young age of 12, I picked up my first camera, sparking an undying love of photography. I shot everything I could get my camera in front of. From horses, to flowers, to portraits, landscape, and much much more.

When I turned 16, I was gifted my very own camera, a canon rebel t4i with a kit lens and a 100mm macro. Using these I started photographing my horse and flowers. Little did I know what this passion would bloom into. 

From here, I built an instagram account of my equine photography up to around 106k followers. People from all over the world checked in on the journey with my horse Cash and our life together. 

Around the age of 21, I started photographing dogs. From here, I never looked back. 

Why Choose

Pet Photography?

More than just, "A dog."

As the years pass, dogs are considered to be more and more a part of our families. They sleep with us, travel with us, play with us, and in a lot of cases, are our children. 

Just as we love photos of our human children, our four-legged fur children are no exception. We spend so much time with our dogs that having long lasting memories of them via professional photos is a great way to cherish the love we share with them. 

My goal through pet photography is to create stunning digital images and wall art worthy of showing off to every friend and family member. We all love our dogs and I want to share my love for them with you and yours. The best time to invest is now, you will never regret the incredible memories we will make together. 

Tampa Bay, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Dunedin offer a wide variety of stunning locations to photograph at. I pride myself in not being limited to any one location. Instead, I collaborate with you to choose a destination that will work for both you and your dog. 

Every dog is different and unique in their own way. With this in mind, not everyone will be comfortable with certain locations. This is taken into great consideration during our initial consultation and I always make sure to get to know who the dog is I'm about to be working with and how comfortable they are in public settings. 

My ultimate goal is to create an experience for you and your dog that is long lasting and an amazing memory you can look back on fondly. I'm so in love with Tampa Bay and all the photography is has to offer!

Tampa Bay, Florida



An investment that lasts a lifetime.

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