Is your dog ready for their closeup?





The safety of your pet is my absolute number one priority. Especially because of my urban destination photography, I always have a dog leashed even if they are off leash trained. I carry with me a 10 ft. long lead to every session, something easily edited out in post processing as seen in this example. It's a common misconception to most people that your dog needs to be off leash or you need to choose a location in a park or somewhere fenced. 






Certain dogs won't be comfy in every situation. That's why we have a consultation call for every photoshoot. In this consultation we discuss your dogs' comfortability level in different locations. If they aren't comfy in a public location we can always shoot at the beach, a park, or on a trail where we'll encounter less if any people at all. My goal is to make the experience as pleasant for you and your dog as possible. 




After we capture the portrait shots you are wishing for, we always allow your dog to play. I want to show how much dogs love to just be themselves. Playing and jumping through the water or in the forrest or park. They deserve a good amount of play time to relax and have a break from the important portrait photos!

Follow Up

Our relationship doesn't end after the photoshoot is completed and you have received your final set. I aim to create a long lasting relationship and friendship, checking up on you and your fur family. We will stay in contact with me asking how you are enjoying your photos and how your dog(s) are doing. I wish to receive those testimonials telling how strong our relationship and friendship has become, validating your reason for the investment in me. It's not just the money you have spent, it's how I continue to reward you even after our time together is complete.