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Event Photography


Events And Branding In The Tampa Bay Area

Recently, Dog Photographer of Tampa Bay has extended their reach to also covering events. From local dog bars, to street vendor opportunities, to pack walks, and SO much more. We are here for your every event need! 


Having a professional photographer cover events can be such an essential part of getting your products and marketing out there. It provides you with high quality digital images that can be shared on all social media platforms to bring in customers and a wider variety of people to your business. We do specialize in pet business branding and events but have also stepped out to cover other events not in the pet industry.  


We offer the most competitive prices in the Tampa Bay area! Be sure to message us to set up a time and location for your branding shoot or event!



Our special branding price right now is $150 per shoot for 5 digitals. To Learn more please contact me! Some conditions apply.


Event Coverage

At $150 per hour for our event coverage, we offer the cheapest prices in the Tampa Bay Area. It's not all about the money. Events are essential for both you and I to help get everyones names out there. To contact me please email.

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