What To Expect

We strive for excellence, passion, patience and persistence. 


Your Best Friend

Your dog is your best friend, right? Well now they are ours as well! I can't stress enough that having beautiful pictures to share is vital towards your love for your dog. They have been man and woman's best friend for thousands of years. As the time passes, your dog becomes even more important and part of your family. Do you love spending time with your dog? I know I do mine and always cherish the cuddly moments and their show of love to us as their parents. That is something I aim to capture in my photographs. 

Not just the dog itself, but the love they have for their owner and their larger than life personality.

Sometimes It Can Be Scary!

It can be stressful for dogs, meeting a stranger for the first time. But I can assure you, my passion and patience shines in my work. The 3 "P's" I live by are Passion, Patience, and Persistence. The reason our shoots last so long is I take plenty of time getting to know your dog and make them comfortable for our shoot. We (you, their parent and myself) work together to make your pups photoshoot run smoothly and effectively. Giving them plenty of time to adjust to the situation they are in that is new and can sometimes be VERY scary! 


Working Diligently With Trainers.

Not only do I work as just a photographer, I also work with trainers. This has given me a lot of knowledge and "dog sense". I understand HOW to make a dog comfortable and get them to relax and behave in our photoshoot. There are some shoots with multiple dogs I will also hire my trainer to accompany me to if we need an extra set of hands! There are so many aspects that are overlooked by many people. Aspects I make sure to notify clients of that help them feel comfortable and safe for their photoshoot. 



Never fear, the leash is here! A common misconception about pet photography is that your dog must remain on leash, so people think that the leash is going to be in the photos! Well yes, it is, but photoshop is magic, and I pride myself in being well versed to make sure every leash is taken out so that your photos look clean! We always consider safety first, especially when shooting in a downtown setting. 



Can you tell it was there? Most likely not! We keep dogs safe and secure. There is nothing to worry about when editing a leash out. I ALWAYS carry a 10 foot, black thin lead with me for photoshoots which is super easy to edit out in photoshop. So you never need to be worried about off leash photos or your dog being unsafe!